model casting and fitting

Casting is very common for fashion photography.
Casting has two advantages. One is to be able to see the real person to confirm they have the right images and personalities for the jobs. In most scenarios, we have never seen the models. We have just picked the models and recommended them to the client based on their “portfolios”. Some photos the models sent us were taken some time ago, which may not represent their current images. I remember once due to urgency, we booked a female model for shooting without casting. Her portfolio shows she is a sexy model with pretty face and perfect body shape. When she arrived on the shooting date, we were shocked because it turned out that she has become a plumpy lady with lots of acne her face.
In addition, personality is also one deciding factor. Photographers will of course love to work with the professional, co-operating and friendly models. We will not hire a model that is late for casting without reasonable explanation, because he/she will most likely be late again for the real shooting!
On the other hand, casting will often include fitting process. Yes, most models have nice figures, but they may not fit the clothes in terms of size or disposition. Some customers are very strict in regards to size. They want to find a model who can exactly fit their garments, as if the apparels are made to their measurements.