Interesting lightings in China Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong fashion photography

Recently when chatting with some professional fashion photographers in Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong, I discovered an interesting phenomenon in the fashion photography industry in China. All these Chinese fashion photographers told me that they will use at least five lights or more for portrait/garment/apparel shooting. I wonder why. In my opinion, to set up how many lights for the shooting, it really depends on the specific requirement of a project, and what kind of results you want to achieve. More lights do not always mean better images. Sometimes one single light is enough to create special effect on the models.


Of course, every professional fashion photographer knows about this basic principle. However, to cater to their customers, Chinese fashion photographers tend to put up five or more lights in the studio. As many Chinese clients like to stand on site during the shooting, photographers know only in this way, the customers will have confidence in them that they are really experts in fashion photography. They can master so many lights of different shapes freely. Actually, when they shoot the subject, they will not turn all the lights on. So it is interesting that only some of the lights will flash when they press the camera shutter.