Product Photography Guangzhou Shenzhen China

As a professional product photographer, Jun has opened product photo studios in Shenzhen , Guangzhou China to meet the product photography needs of global customers from different locations. Product photography for Amazon listings is our strength. Our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art photography gears to shoot many different objects.

The following links will direct you to the portfolio of a specific product category.

Jewelry/jewellery photography

Ghost mannequin photography
Furniture photography
Digital/electronic products portfolio
Kitchenware/home decor/toys/industrial goods portfolio
Fashion accessories/beauty health products portfolio

Product photography can greatly help promote your business with vivid images.  This is particularly true with catalogue marketing and online stores, because your customers can not “see and feel” the actual merchandise in person, and they can only judge the commodity by the description text and its photos. Without a doubt, a good photo will enhance the viewers’ faith in your product and help convert them into real customers. In addition, if you sell on a popular e-commerce platform, i.e. Ebay or Amazon, how can you stand out among millions of item listings on the website? The answer is simple: outstanding pictures.

Our product photographers take photos of almost all kinds of objects, such as garments and clothing, shoes and bags, fashion accessories, watch and jewelry, skin care and cosmetics articles, electronic and digital products, electrical appliances, kitchen and bath wares, furniture, toys, glass and metal, industrial equipment etc.

Normally bigger and heavier products or reflective items are more difficult and time-consuming for product photography. Therefore, we have to charge more.

So far we have served customers all over the world to take many still life pictures.