Architectural exterior photography Guangzhou Shenzhen China

Jun Photo Studio has many years’ experience of shooting architectural exterior photos in Guangzhou Shenzhen China  and all over the world.

Architectural photography is a special art, which challenges professional photographers because of architectures’ different sizes, variable dimensions and complicated structures.  To demonstrate the beauty of a rigid building, a good architectural photographer must be able to make subtle observation, take advantage of changeable natural lighting and be patient.

The key point of exterior photography is how to utilize the changeable natural lights to highlight the design features of a building. As different lights (e.g. morning light or dusk light) on the architecture will lead to different views, but unlike the lights from studio equipment, an architectural photographer has no way to control the natural lights. Instead, he can only adapt to it and try to take advantage of it. Therefore, in order to produce splendid exterior pictures, he must have the ability to make sensible judgement according to the site environment based on his superb technique and extensive shooting experience.

In the last few years, the real estate market in China is so hot, especially for Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In order to attract house buyers, builders and real estate agents were eager to find a professional architecture photographer to help highlight the superiority of the buildings in sale.

As a Shenzhen and Guangzhou China photographer, Jun not only shoots in Pearl River Delta of China , but also takes photos in other China provinces and also outside China on architecture photography projects.