Digital electronic computer product photography

Nowadays, for a product photographer, digital and electronic product photography is one of the most demanded subjects. Jun photo studio has taken many images for this type of items in our Shenzhen and Guangzhou studios.

Digital products and electronic products are difficult shooting objects in product photography. The latest digital electronic products usually adopt bright and reflective materials so as to highlight its unique hi-tech design and attract the consumers’ attention, such as plastic, metal or acrylic etc. In terms of design, streamline shape, round or spherical shapes are very popular, which add more difficulties into a professional advertising or commercial photographer’s job. Basic white or black background photos are still a must for most eCommerce online stores. However, more and more customers are asking for live setting pictures that can convey the functions and usages of the electronic digital product. It is increasingly important that the professional product photographer can capture creative snapshots in order to represent the originality of a new hi-tech product.

In China, most digital products and electronic products are manufactured in Pearl River Delta area including Shenzhen, Guangzhou and DongGuan cities. Most international famous brands such as Apple Iphone, Ipad, Samsung; or domestic Chinese brands such as Zhong Xing, Hua Wei, and Lenovo all establish their production bases in these Guangdong province cities. Based in Toronto, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Jun Photo Studio provides professional product photography services for different electronic digital brands throughout the world.