Sourcing China product photography services

Sourcing from China is not a new topic for international trade. However, have you ever thought about sourcing professional product photography services from China to save money and time?


Recently, we have received more and more orders from overseas customers who asked us to shoot digital photos for their products sourced from China. They used to buy the products from China, then have a professional product photographer in their local area to shoot the products only AFTER the products arrive in destination. But now instead, they rely on us to shoot the products for them BEFORE the products are shipped. By doing so, they not only save money on the product photography service, but more importantly, they are able to show their new products to potential customers at least one month earlier.


Jun Photo Studio provides professional in-studio and on-location product photography services in South China, i.e. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Pearl River delta area. For small items such as fashion accessories, fine art, toys, glass or porcelain products, you can ask your China suppliers to send us the products for studio photography. For bulk items such as furniture, fitness facilities, industrial equipment, we can arrange the photo shooting at your supplier/factory’s location.