Relationship between fashion photographers and fashion models

In fashion photography, fashion photographers and fashion models are both the determining factors for successful photo outputs. Unless required by the garment client otherwise, most apparel photography need to hire models to wear and display the clothing. They can be male, female or kids models. Shooting clothes as still life is lack of vitality compared to photos with models. That is why most fashion photographers and garment customers are making every effort to find a qualified or outstanding model to represent their brand style. Many famous brands, luxury or casual, will spend a lot of money to appoint a super star as their spokesman or icon.



Before each apparel shooting assignment, usually the client will ask us to arrange model casting. Our fashion photographers have little say in the casting process. The customer will select the model based on many aspects such as the brand’s target market, the promotion goal, the style of their clothing line and of course their own special taste. However, the photographer may have different opinions towards model selection from the respective of photo shooting. The model’s facial features, body shape, character and modelling performance are more important instead.



Some clients don’t request model casting. They just tell us the ideal model image in their mind, then ask us to do the job. In this case, the fashion photographer has to pick a model that most suit the job. For example, nowadays youngish, cute and sweet girls are very popular in China, especially for such E-commerce websites as TaoBao. Other customers prefer models who are more mature, healthy looking or cool etc. Different types of clothing also need different kinds of models to wear, such as wedding dress, underwear, pajamas, casual apparels, swimming suits, formal costume, office wear etc.