Reflective product photography- is light tent the ultimate solution?

For many Ecommerce store owners, the invention of light tent is definitely encouraging. According to the light tent sellers, this new equipment is the saviour of product photography, especially for products with reflective material, such as metal, crystal, diamond, jewelry, gemstone etc. The principle is that the light tent can isolate the shooting item from the environment to avoid any unwanted reflection effects.


However, surprisingly, no professional photographers ever incline to use this so-called amazing tool. Why? The reason is simple: yes, it is convenient and efficient if you take photos inside this little magic space. But you have to sacrifice quality for quantity. The picture removes the product texture e.g. a silver spoon will look like plastic if it is shot in the light tent. Therefore, it is only good for customers who ask for affordable and fast photography service, but who don’t have a high expectation for image quality.