PHOTOSHOP application in China advertising commercial photography

We have to admit that 21st century is the era of digital photography.  In China’s advertising or commercial photography industry, the application of digital technology becomes more and more important. Nowadays, every single advertising or commercial photo must be edited by some kind of image editor software such as Photoshop before publishing. However, any professional China photographer specializing in advertising and commercial field clearly realizes: the prerequisite of a wonderful picture is the shooting, not the photo editing or photo retouching. Without a good raw photo, even the most powerful image editing software such as Photoshop cannot possibly create an outstanding picture.

Many young Chinese amateur photographers have a misconception that as long as they can master Photoshop, they can manipulate the image to whatever they want. They don’t want to take time to learn the photography basics from the beginning.  They hope there is a short cut to become a professional commercial photographer.

In fact, for a commercial or advertising photographer, digital technology is only a tool, like a camera or lens. It can surely assist the professional photographer to enhance his/her photos, but it should not and cannot become the dominating factor in creating splendid works.