FAQ on photography services and rates

We have summarized a FAQ list below. Trust they will answer most of your questions about Jun Photo Studio’s photography services and rates. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns. Thank you.

1. Q: Do you provide Amazon product photography?

A: Yes sure. We have many Amazon customers, therefore we are very familiar with the photo requirement for the Amazon listing purpose. Don’t worry.

2.Q: Why can I not find the price list on your website?

A: From years of practices and experiences, we find that unlike other industries, photography is a very unique and customized business. When the shooting subjects are different, and when the customer has distinguished requirement, the incurred photography cost will be very different. Therefore it is hard for us to issue a uniform price list to all potential customers. Having said that, we do describe some pricing guidelines under each photography category. We have various minimum order rates for each type of photography. Please check and feel free to contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

3.Q: Do you charge per hour or per photo?

A: It depends. In most cases, we will charge per image. But in some scenarios, we will have to charge per hour or per day. Sometimes we also quote a lump sum fee per project.

4.Q:Does your price include photo editing/retouching?

A: Our quotation always includes basic photo retouching, which means the pictures will be ready for website or printing purpose. However, some customers may need enhanced image manipulation, e.g. Change product color, add background, photo combination etc., which is subject to additional charges.

5.Q: Can I get a discount for bulk photography?

A: Yes for sure. Basically our price depends on two things: image requirement and image quantity. When we quote, we have already taken your quantity into consideration.

6.Q: Can you lower your price to match with your cheapest competitor?

A: No No No. Photographers with various qualifications/experiences will create different levels of values to the clients. We try to offer the best value to our clients with high quality professional photos at affordable and reasonable rate, but our price is certainly NOT the cheapest in the market.

7.Q: Do you provide on-location product shots?

A: Yes sure, we can not think of any reason to say “NO”:)). However, we have a minimum charge request for any on-location job. For example, we charge $500 for any on-site product photography assignment, as we need to set up a studio at your location before we can start shooting. If your products are not huge, we prefer to take the photos in our professionally equipped studio though. For other types of photography jobs, the minimum charge is different.

8. Q: How do you work on product photography in your studio?

A: Potential clients send us photography project description–> we send a quote based on your specific needs–> client either ships us the products by courier OR drops us the items in person–> client pays 50% deposit before shooting–> we shoot as soon as possible–> we provide client the proof photos (images in low resolution) for approval–> client pays 50% balance after approval–> we deliver high resolution photos ASAP

For other kinds of photography, please contact us for a quote and for our available shooting dates first.

9. Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept Paypal, Alipay, Wechat wallet, bank wire, Western union and cash. Sorry we do not accept credit cards or cheques at the moment.

10. Q: What is your lead time?

A: For product photography, depending on the project complexity and our workload, the turnaround time will be 5-10 days AFTER we receive your products, your clear instructions AND the 50% deposit.

For other types of photography, after the photo shoot, images will be ready in 5-10 days depending on your editing requirements and our workloads.

11.Q: Why it takes you so long to take just a few photos?

A: First of all, we are always busy and we work with many customers at the same time. It is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED practice. We normally schedule work one week ahead. In addition, professional photography is more than just pressing the shuttle. It takes TIME to produce high quality photos. If your requirement is complicated, sometimes it takes half a day to take just a few photos; plus editing and retouching time, it takes one FULL day to have a few photos ready. If you can give us more time, we will ensure the images 100% meet your needs, or even beyond your expectations.

12. Q: Can I expedite the order if I want the photos urgently?

A: Yes for sure, but we ask the client to pay extra cost for urgent orders with lead time less than 5 days.

13. Q: What file formats do you offer?

A: All photos we submit are high-resolution which are ready for both website usage and printings/magazines/catalogues/posters etc in most cases. But jewellery photography is an exception. For jewelry photos, our regular price is based on the photo size of 1200X1200 pixels. If you want bigger pictures, the price will be higher. In default, we will provide JPG version images. If you have special requirement on the photo format or photo size, please do let us know in the quotation stage. We can also provide PSD and TIFF formats. However, we will NOT provide RAW format in terms of product photography.


14. Q: How can I obtain the final images?

A: We will send you a secure link to download all original photos after we receive all the payment. If you prefer CD or USB storage, please do let us know in advance.

15.Q: Will you reshoot if I am not satisfied with your works at all?

A: It depends. If we did not follow your instructions for photo shoot, we will definitely reshoot free of charge. Also for minor adjustments, we will always try to improve to accommodate your needs. However, if you are not satisfied just because you have changed your mind (you want to change your previous instructions AFTER we have taken the photos), or you don’t know what you want when you placed the order and you have asked us to design the shooting solely on our own, in these cases we are not in a position to reshoot free of charge. We can only reshoot with additional compensation.

16.Q: Do you take test shoot for product shots?

A: Yes sure, but for a minimum charge. We do not offer free test shoot though. Some new customers have a large quantity of products for photo shoot. They prefer to take test shoot for one product first. Only when they are satisfied on the test shots, we will continue to work on the rest products. We welcome this practice which is for mutual benefits.

17.Q: Can you shoot more photos than I buy, then I choose what I want at the end?

A: Yes, we can. But the unit price for each image you finally pick will cost more, and you are required to pick 80% or more photos among all the photos are created.

18.Q: Do you offer client references?

A: Yes on request. We are compiling a sample customer list and will publish soon.

19. Q: What kind of equipment do you use for photo shoot?

A: In our opinion, what matters is NOT what gears we use, but what images we can deliver. Nevertheless, we do use state-of-the art professional photography equipment to create our artworks, i.e. Nikon cameras&lens, plus Elinchrom lighting system.

20. Q: Do you provide photo prints and albums?

A: No we don’t. So far we only deliver digital images.