Interior design photography Guangzhou Shenzhen China

As an architecture photographer, Jun has worked with many famous interior designers in Guangzhou Shenzhen China to shoot interior design projects.

Architectural interior photography service rate depends on the location In Guangzhou Shenzhen China? Or outside of China? and your specific requirements. If you can give us a detailed shooting list, we may send you a lump sum quotation per project. If you are not sure how many shots you need, we can also charge based on the shooting time. In either case, a minimum charge will be applied.

Architectural interior photography is a challenge for many professional photographers, which requires outstanding light-setting skills. It takes a lot of practices and experience before a photographer can master the light-setting skill in interior photography. There is not a simple and single rule you can follow when shooting an interior environment, because each room is so different. The architectural photographer need to technically combine the existing lights in the room with the photography lighting to create his artwork. Choosing the correct lens and equipment are also important.