Food photography thoughts from China Hong Kong photographer

I often recall those wonderful days when I took food photography commissions in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is no doubt a cuisine paradise, where you can taste every different gourmet from all over the world. Therefore, Hong Kong people are well-known for their pickiness on fine food.


Where you find delicate food, you will find outstanding chefs. As a professional food photographer travelling among Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China, I have the privilege of getting to know many creative chefs. In my eyes, they are all splendid artists who can create unique food artwork. I truly enjoy working with these artists. Their works are always visual delights, which inspire most of my food photos.


In most occasions, shooting food or delicacy is commercial photography. However, as a photographer, commercial or artistic, I think the most important thing is to produce final photos which can convey original ideas, demonstrate fresh composition, catching colors, matching light and shadow. Or in one word, regardless of the photography purpose, first of all the photo must be beautiful.