Fashion photography: shooting fashion show or exhibition

Guangdong province has the most demand for fashion photography and fashion photographer in China. There are thousands garment brands and enterprises in Guangdong, especially in such cities as Guangzhou, Dongguan and Humen. Hong Kong is also in this fashion circle. Although Hong Kong designers are more international, most of their clothing comes from factories in Guang Zhou/Dong Guan/Hu Men etc. They design in HongKong, sell from Hong Kong, but they manufacture apparel in Guang Dong. Catalogue photography is very popular in these cities.


As a result, there are hundreds of fashion shows and fashion exhibitions in the Pearl River Delta area throughout the year. For a fashion photographer, the key is to shoot according to the client’s requirements. As there are many different contents in a fashion show/exhibition, fashion models walking in and out fast, the fashion photographer need to take photos continuously with the rhythm. It is more like recording the show, not creating fashion artworks under such circumstance. Nevertheless, photo shooting in a hurry can not downgrade the photo quality. Professional photographers still need to capture good pictures in terms of composition, light and shadow, and the correct atmosphere.

As far as photography equipment for fashion show is concerned, the main lenses are 28-70 mm and 70-200 mm lens. We advise to use two cameras for the two lenses.  Because the fashion photographer can not move freely on site, we can only change the camera or lens for flexible zooming and other adjustments. Setting white balance in advance is also inevitable. Last but not least, we must bring our flashlights and sufficient batteries to cope with the complicated lighting environment in the location.


We have a lot of experience in shooting fashion shows in Guangzhou/Dongguan/Humen/Hongkong. We know that in order to create wonderful photos for a fashion exhibition, the fashion photographer must try to arrive at the location earlier to obtain the best position. A good shooting position can sometimes determine the final photo quality and result.