China photo studio performs furniture photography assignment for a Shenzhen furniture factory

Our Guangzhou photo studio has recently conducted a furniture photography project for a Shenzhen furniture company, a joint venture manufacturer between China and Italy. In this joint venture, the Italian party is responsible for funding, sales and furniture design. The Chinese party takes charge in the production and exporting process. During the furniture photography assignment, two incidents happened that have surprised and upset us.


First, according to the photography contract, we need 50% deposit before shooting. But right before the shooting date, the Chinese shareholder ran away with all the cash in the company’s account. Thus we were not able to receive the deposit on time and the furniture photography project had to be postponed. Fortunately, the Italian shareholder still kept his promise to make the down payment later and we finally fulfilled the assignment.


Second, during the photography period, some extra cash need to be paid to us in different stages. The Italian shareholder may have lost confidence in Chinese staff, so he asked his Italian friend to draw the money from the bank counter. Unfortunately, his friend was tailed after by a gang. When he stepped out of the bank, he was followed and robbed. The robber grabbed his money bag and jumped onto a motorbike to escape. The Italian tried to catch hold of the motorbike calling for help. He was dragged along with the motorbike for over 10 meters. He was injured seriously and later sent to hospital.


This was a terrible and overwhelming story. We learned that the Italian businessman had ultimately given up the furniture business and leave China after this tragedy. Although he was very satisfied with our professional photography service, he had been totally disappointed by his cunning Chinese partner and the general China security system. The staff in our photo studio all show sympathy for his bad luck, because the Italian is an honest and nice guy and actually there are many good people in China.