Shenzhen photographer talks about landscape photography

To take a good landscape photo, a Shenzhen photographer doesnot need to travel the world. There are so many gorgeous sights just around us in Shenzhen, including artificial modern cityscape, as well as pure natural scenery. As long as a photographer has the “photography” eyes to observe and identify the beauty spots in his daily life, it is a piece of cake to capture a wonderful image.

The photo below is a good example, which was snapped when I went out from home for a casual walk last Autumn. I have actually bypassed this location for numerous times (by drive unfortunately), but I have never noticed that there is such a nice place close to my home. To conclude, photography artworks often derive from the truest and closet life of the photographer.

lake and house landscape photography Shenzhen
lake and house landscape photography Shenzhen


The space of the photo studio

When a photographer begins to run his own studio, he may need to rent a place as photo studio. If this is the first time for him to set up a studio, he may get headache for the size of the studio. Actually it really depends on what kind of the service the photographer is going to provide to the customers. If you are a portrait photographer, you won’t need a big space. And if you are a product photographer, then what kind of the product is your core business? Imagine if  you are shooting a car, you will surely need a huge area. So different business needs different size of the space.

We work very hard for ghost mannequin

In the last two days we were working very hard for costume ghost mannequin. For ghost mannequin photography,  sometimes we just don’t know what degree of difficulty we have to face, because we will never know what kind of clothing we are going to shoot. For example, the  fabric is transparent or the clothing has very special design. These two reasons can easily make photographer headache. We have to think and try many ways, until we get the perfect shape for the garment. It is a big challenge for us. In addition, ghost mannequin photos involves a lot of work in the post production phase. So how can we offer a cheaper price?

jumpsuit for lady Toronto 3D ghost mannequin photography effect

About the photoshop

When one sees a good photo, he or she may give all the credits to photoshop. I’m not an expert at photoshop. But I’m a professional photographer.  For me,  photo is about the camera,  lens and the brain of the photographer.  We need post production because sometimes the photo is not good enough to meet the client’s need. However if the photographer has the ability to produce fantastic photos, why do we need the photoshop? To be honest for photoshop,  I only use a few basic functions with my works.  That will be enough for me to handle all my photos.

The price of shooting

We receive many phone calls or e-mails on every working day. Most of these E-mails or phone calls are asking for shooting price. When we give the quotation to a potential customer, usually people will compare my price to other photographers, which is normal. But on the other hand, I think it’s not easy to compare the price for each photographer. Unlike a real product, you can not find a price tag in the market for photography service. Photographers are artists. Different artists may have very different styles. As long as the customer likes the style, then he/she may accept the price.

Landscape photography night view

I love shooting landscape night view. Because I like the colors mixed together in the photo. Blue sky, yellow or white  night light are shining. Cars are drawing beautiful and colorful lines on the road. Sometimes there are halations  in the photo. At night, you will never see dirty and  ugly sides in the picture. The only thing you will see is full of different colors, flash lights, outline of the buildings or houses and mystery of the dark night.

night view the eye of TianJin city

model casting and fitting

Casting is very common for fashion photography.
Casting has two advantages. One is to be able to see the real person to confirm they have the right images and personalities for the jobs. In most scenarios, we have never seen the models. We have just picked the models and recommended them to the client based on their “portfolios”. Some photos the models sent us were taken some time ago, which may not represent their current images. I remember once due to urgency, we booked a female model for shooting without casting. Her portfolio shows she is a sexy model with pretty face and perfect body shape. When she arrived on the shooting date, we were shocked because it turned out that she has become a plumpy lady with lots of acne her face.
In addition, personality is also one deciding factor. Photographers will of course love to work with the professional, co-operating and friendly models. We will not hire a model that is late for casting without reasonable explanation, because he/she will most likely be late again for the real shooting!
On the other hand, casting will often include fitting process. Yes, most models have nice figures, but they may not fit the clothes in terms of size or disposition. Some customers are very strict in regards to size. They want to find a model who can exactly fit their garments, as if the apparels are made to their measurements.

Industrial corporate photography

In November, I went to take photos of a factory manufacturing glasses for a Japanese customer. It was an interesting experience, where for the first time I learn the whole process of glasses production. There is a Chinese saying goes: different industries are like different worlds. I think I have become more and more interested in this kind of shooting, because it is similar to editorial photography where I can record common people’s true life with my camera and lens.

corporate photographer professional worker